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Preparadores de Uñas: Cómo Conseguir la Manicura Perfecta

Nail Preparers: How to Get the Perfect Manicure

Nail Preparers: A Complete Guide to Achieving Impeccable Hands


In the world of beauty and the Nail care , The details make a difference. You could have access to the Higher quality enamels , The most elegant decorations and the Best brushes on the market , But if you omit the Proper preparation of nails , The end result could be less than spectacular. This is where the Nail preparers , The unrecognized heroes in your manicure kit. This comprehensive 3,000-word article will answer all your questions about these essential products.

Table of Contents

  1. What are the nail preparers?
  2. How do you apply nail preparers?
  3. Which comes first: the first or the nail dehydrator?
  4. Which comes first: the first or the bond base?
  5. Recommended Product: Nail Preparer Home of Deva

What are the nail preparers?

Nail preparers are products specifically formulated to prepare the surface of your nails before the application of polishes, gels or acrylics. These products act by cleaning and disinfecting the surface of the nail, which allows a better adhesion of the products that you will apply later. Included here are dehydrators, primers and bond bases, each with its own characteristics and benefits.

Types of nail preparers

Nail Dehydrators

These products are used to remove moisture and natural oils that may be present on your nails. Most dehydrators contain isopropyl alcohol or acetone.


The primers create a layer that helps to improve the adhesion between the nail and the polish or gel. They often contain chemical components that adhere to both the natural nail and the material applied on it.

Bond Base

The Bond base Or "adherent bases" act as a bridge between the natural nail and the applied product, such as a gel or acrylic polish. These products are usually softer than firers and are ideal for people with sensitive nails.

How do you apply nail preparers?

The correct application of nail preparers is crucial to achieving long-lasting and professional results. Next, we explain the process step by step:

Steps for application

  1. Initial Cleaning : Before anything else, make sure your nails are clean and free of old polish. You can use a nail polish remover without acetone for this purpose.

  2. Hand Washing : Wash your hands carefully with water and neutral soap to remove any traces of oil or dirt.

  3. Preparation of the Nail Surface : Use a nail file to shape your nails and a polisher to soften the surface.

  4. Dehydrator : Apply a small amount of nail dehydrator to a cotton pad and gently rub onto the nail surface.

  5. First : Once the dehydrator has dried, apply a thin layer of first. Some firers come with an applicator brush to facilitate this process.

  6. Bond Base : If you are using a base bond, apply it after the first one and let it dry completely before continuing with the nail polish or extensions.

Wait a few minutes to make sure each product has completely dried before moving on to the next step.

Which comes first: the first or the nail dehydrator?

If you have ever wondered in what order to apply these products, you are not alone. This is one of the most common questions in the world of nail care. Although there are some variations according to the brand and the type of product, the general rule is to apply First the dehydrator or prep And Then the first . The dehydrator is used to remove any traces of moisture or oil, preparing the nail surface for optimal adhesion. Once it has completely evaporated (which usually happens in seconds), the first is applied to create a layer of adhesion for the enamel or extensions.

Which comes first: the first or the bond base?

Another common dilemma is to decide between first and bond base. In this case, the typical order would be: dehydrator, first and, finally, bond base. The bond base acts as an additional layer to improve the adhesion and durability of the nail polish or extensions. By applying it after the first, you make sure that the nail is prepared in the best possible way for the polish, gel or acrylic that will follow.

Product Recommended: Nail Preparer Home of Deva

For those looking for a reliable and efficient nail preparer, we recommend the Home of Deva Nail Preparer . This product is a comprehensive solution for the preparation of your nails, and it comes with the quality and reliability you would expect from a reputable brand.


  • Advanced formula for maximum adhesion
  • Fast dry
  • Ideal for all types of nails, even the most problematic
  • Easy to apply thanks to its high quality brush

Why choose Home of Deva?

  • Guaranteed quality
  • High Quality Ingredients
  • Excellent customer service
  • Durable results


Properly preparing your nails before a manicure or the application of extensions is essential to achieve professional and long-lasting results. By understanding the different types of trainers and how and when to apply them, you set yourself on the path to an impeccable manicure. In addition, with high quality products such as Home of Deva Nail Preparer , You can be sure that you are giving your nails the treatment they deserve.

Always remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions and, if you have particularly problematic nails or medical conditions that affect your nails, consult a professional before using new products.

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