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Todo sobre Top Coats: Guía para un Manicura Duradera y Brillante

All About Top Coats: Guide to a Durable and Bright Manicure

The Art of the Manicure: Get to know the Top of Nails from Home of Deva

When it comes to a flawless manicure, not only color is essential. Choosing a suitable foundation and a good top coat can make the difference between a glaze that lasts for days and one that stands for weeks. Home of Deva, known for its innovation in nail products, has launched its Diamond top , But before immersing ourselves in its characteristics, let's clarify some common doubts.

1. What is the top on the nails?

The top for nails, also known as the top coat, is a transparent layer that is applied over the color polish. Its main function is to provide a glossy or matte finish, protect the color from wear and prolong the durability of the manicure. In addition, it can prevent splinters and give a more professional look.

2. What do you put first, the base or the top?

It always starts with the base. The base acts as a barrier between the nail and the polish, protecting the nails from fading and providing a smooth surface for color application. Once the color glaze has dried, the top coat is applied to seal and protect the design.

3. How do you wear the top coat?

The process is simple, but it is essential to follow the steps correctly to get the best results:

  • Make sure the color polish is completely dry.
  • Gently shake the top coat before using it.
  • Apply a thin, even layer from the base of the nail to the tip.
  • Make sure to seal the tips of the nails to prevent splinters.
  • Let dry completely before doing activities that can damage the enamel.

4. What is the Top gel?

The Top gel is a variant of the top coat designed specifically for gel enamels. Provides a glossy finish and acts as a protective seal for gel manicures, which require a UV or LED lamp to dry. In addition, the Top gel is usually more durable and durable than a traditional top coat.

Now that we have clarified these basics, let's talk about Home of Deva Diamond Top . This product is not just a top coat; it is a revolution in the world of manicure. Designed for dazzling shine, its formula also protects the glaze, preventing splinters and wear. In addition, thanks to its consistency, it is applied easily, allowing a professional finish from the comfort of your home.

In conclusion, if you are looking to take your manicure to the next level, choosing the top coat is as crucial as the color you choose. With the Diamond top from Home of Deva, you not only ensure a brilliant finish, but also a durability that will surprise you.

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