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Staleks Eyelash Tweezers: Complete Guide to a Perfect App

The Art of the Perfect App: Get to know the Staleks Eyelashes Tweezers

The look is one of the first things we notice in a person. And there is no doubt that well-cared and defined eyelashes can completely transform that look. To achieve this, not only good products are required, but also quality tools. In this area, the Staleks eyelash forceps have become a preferred choice for many professionals. But why?

What is the curved clamp?

The STALEKS TE 40/7 CURVED EIGHTS Has been specifically designed to facilitate the application of eyelash extensions. Its curved tip allows for unmatched precision, especially when it comes to separating and isolating the natural eyelashes for a perfect placement of the extensions. Its ergonomic design minimizes hand fatigue, and its stainless steel construction guarantees durability and corrosion resistance.

What is eyelash insulation?

Eyelash insulation is an essential technique in the application of eyelash extensions. It consists of separating a natural tab from the others to ensure that the extension adheres only to that tab and does not interfere with adjacent tabs. This technique is essential to achieve a natural look and avoid the agglomeration of extensions.

The isolation process requires precision and patience, and this is where a quality tool makes a difference. Straight eyelash tweezers, such as STALEKS STALEKS TEA 40/10 , Are ideal for this task. Its straight and thin tip allows the eyelashes to be separated with ease and precision, guaranteeing a perfect application of the extensions.

What does it take to put eyelash extensions?

The application of eyelash extensions is as much an art as a science. It requires skill, patience and, of course, the right tools. Here's a breakdown of what you need:

  1. Eyelash Extensions : These are, of course, essential. They come in different lengths, thicknesses and curvatures to suit customer preferences and needs.

  2. Quality Adhesive : The glue used to adhere the extensions to the natural eyelashes should be safe for the eye area and have a suitable duration.

  3. Eyelash Tweezers : As we already mentioned, tweezers are essential for application and insulation. Depending on the technique and preference, you may need more than one type of clamp. The curved, straight Staleks tweezers we mentioned above are excellent options.

  4. Makeup Remover and First : It is essential to clean the natural eyelashes before application to ensure that the adhesive adheres properly. A first helps to prepare eyelashes for extension.

  5. Removable Gel : For those times when it is necessary to correct or withdraw an extension.

  6. Pads or Protective Pads : These are placed under the customer's eyes to protect the skin and facilitate application.

  7. Microcepillos or Applicators : These are useful for applying the makeup remover, the first or the removable gel with precision.

In conclusion, the application of eyelash extensions is a detailed process that requires skill and the right tools. Eyelash forceps, especially high-quality ones such as Staleks, are essential for professional and long-lasting results.

Whether you're a professional in the world of eyelash extensions or just looking to up your eye makeup game, having the right tools, such as the Staleks, can make all the difference.