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Base Rubber Home of Deva

Base Rubber Home of Deva

Rubber nail base: Improves nail polish adherence and achieves a long-lasting manicure

Welcome to my store I am pleased to introduce my new rubber nail base, an innovative and high quality product that will revolutionize your manicure experience.

Our rubber nail base (rubber base)is a unique solution that has been designed to improve the adhesion of your nail polish. Made with an exclusive formula of German rubber, this base creates a soft and flexible surface that adheres perfectly to your natural nail, guaranteeing a long-lasting nail polish without flaking.

In addition, our brubber nail polish It's waterproof and oil resistant, which means your nails will stay polished even if you lead an active lifestyle. With its soft and silky texture, my rubber nail base it also helps to even out the surface of your nail so that your polish is applied evenly and without irregularities.

With the rubber baseYou can forget about the worries of tarnished polish and enjoy long-lasting, beautiful nails.

Best of all is that HAS NO HEMA.If you have a client who feels itchy or even gets flaking, pimples and other allergic problems, with this product and with all of our range without hema you will never have problems again.

Product characteristics:

  • Exclusive rubber formula that improves the adhesion of nail polish
  • Smooth and silky texture that helps to even out the nail plate
  • Water and oil resistant
  • Provides long-lasting, chip-free polish
  • Does not contain Hema

Instructions for use:

  • Apply a coat of ourrubber base on the clean and dry nail.
  • Wait a few seconds for the base to dry completely.
  • Apply a coat of nail polish of your choice.
  • Repeat the process if you want a greater intensity of color.
  • apply our Top Diamondto obtain a longer duration of the enamel.

Get now our rubber nail base and enjoy a perfect and long-lasting manicure!


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