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Descubre el Secreto para una manicura perfecta con Hard Base de Home of Deva

Discover the Secret for a Perfect Manicure with Hard Base by Home of Deva

All You Need To Know About Home of Deva's Hard Base Permanent Enamel Base

All You Need To Know About Home of Deva's Hard Base Permanent Enamel Base

Semi-permanent enamel has become a popular solution for those looking for a Durable manicure . However, to achieve a perfect and durable finish, it is crucial to choose the right base. This is where the Hard Base From Home of Deva.

What base is used for semi-permanent nails?

The base is a transparent glaze that is applied before colored glaze. The Hard Base Home of Deva is perfect for semi-permanent nails as it provides a smooth and suitable surface for the application of color polish, guaranteeing greater durability and avoiding peeling.

What happens if I don't base the semi-permanent?

If you do not apply base to semi-permanent enamel, you could face several problems. The base acts as a protector for your natural nails, preventing them from being damaged or dyed with colored polish. In addition, the base helps the enamel to adhere better to the nail, preventing it from coming off easily.

What is the difference between base coat and top coat?

The Coat base (Or base) is applied before color polish and acts as a protective layer for your natural nails. It also helps the enamel stick better. The Top coat (Or top layer), on the other hand, it is applied after the color glaze and provides a bright finish and seals the color, protecting it from external factors such as water, detergents and impacts.

What if I put top coat instead of base?

If you apply Top coat Instead of foundation, your nails will not have adequate protection and the semi-permanent polish will not adhere properly. This could result in a manicure that peels off or comes off easily, and your natural nails could be damaged.

A versatile product for your needs

In addition to being ideal for semi-permanent enamels, the Hard Base Home of Deva is also perfect for reconstructions or nail lengthening. Its strengthening formula provides a solid foundation for any type of manicure, guaranteeing strong and healthy nails.

In summary

The Hard Base Home of Deva is a must-have product for any nail lover. It provides a firm, protective base for your semi-permanent enamels and is versatile for use in reconstructions and lengthening.

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