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Preparación óptima para una manicura semipermanente: La magia del primer sin ácido

Optimal preparation for a semi-permanent manicure: The magic of the first acid-free

How to prepare your nails for a semi-permanent manicure using first acid-free

Semi-permanent manicure has revolutionized the world of nails. Offering durability and impeccable finishing, it has gained a lot of popularity. But for professional results, it is essential to properly prepare your nails. One of the star products in this process is the Prime , Specifically the First acid free . Here's how to use it and why it's a wise choice.

1. How is the first acid-free used on nails?

The correct use of the first acid-free guarantees better adhesion of the semi-permanent enamel. Before its application, make sure that the nail is clean, dry and free of oils.

  1. Clean your nails With a nail cleaner to remove any residue.
  2. Gently file the surface Of the nail to create a slightly rough surface. This helps the first to adhere better.
  3. Apply the first without acid , Like the First acid-free home of deva Or the First without acid ugly duckling nails , With a brush, making sure to cover the entire nail, but avoiding touching the skin around it to avoid irritations.
  4. Let it air dry For a few seconds. You do not need UV/LED lamps for this step.

2. What is the difference between the first with acid and without acid?

The main difference between these two types of primers lies in their chemical composition and how they interact with the nail.

  • First with acid: It contains acidic components that can be more aggressive for the nail and surrounding skin. It offers strong adhesion, but can cause irritation or allergies in some people.

  • First without acid: It is a softer option and is ideal for people with sensitive nails or those who want to avoid acidic products. Despite being less aggressive, it offers excellent adherence if applied correctly.

3. What do you put on the nail before semi-permanent enamel?

Before applying semi-permanent polish, it is essential to follow a process to ensure the durability and health of your nails:

  1. Preparation of the nail: Limit, polish and remove cuticles.
  2. Application of the first: As we already mentioned, you can use a First acid free For optimal adhesion.
  3. Semi-permanent base: After the first, a special base for semi-permanent enamels is applied.

4. What applies first on the nails: the first or the base?

The right order is crucial for lasting results. You must always Apply the first before the base . The first acts as a bridge between the nail and the base, ensuring perfect adhesion and preventing the lifting of the enamel.


Semi-permanent manicure is an art, and like all art, it requires preparation and technique. By using an acid-free first, you are not only protecting your nails from more aggressive components, but also ensuring a durable and professional manicure. Always remember to follow the appropriate steps and opt for quality products such as First acid-free home of deva And First without acid ugly duckling nails To get the best results. Enjoy impeccable nails for weeks!

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