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Monómero Acrílico Home of Deva: Elección Top para Uñas

Home of Deva Acrylic Monomer: Top Choice for Nails

Why the Monomer or Acrylic Liquid Home of Deva is the Number One Choice for Professional Acrylic Nails


In the world of manicure, acrylic nails have gained popularity for their durability and versatility. Although the process of creating acrylic nails may seem complex, the end result is a set of beautiful, personalized nails. To achieve this result, it is crucial to use high quality products, and this is where monomer and acrylic play a fundamental role.

What is monomer and acrylic?

The monomer is a liquid chemical that, when mixed with the acrylic powder, forms a plastic mass that can be molded into different shapes and sizes. Acrylic, for its part, is the result of the polymerization of the monomer with the acrylic powder, which in turn is a powdered polymer.

In the context of acrylic nails, the liquid monomer is mixed with the acrylic powder to create a paste that is then applied to the natural nail. As the monomer and acrylic powder react with each other, the mixture hardens and becomes a rigid and durable extension of the natural nail.

What is the name of the liquid used for acrylic?

The liquid that is used to mix with acrylic powder and form acrylic nails is called a monomer. It is a key component in the process of creating acrylic nails, as it acts as a catalyst to initiate the chemical reaction with acrylic powder and forms a moldable mass.

What is liquid acrylic for nails?

Liquid acrylic for nails, also known as monomer, is an essential product in the creation of acrylic nails. It is used to mix with the acrylic powder and form a paste that is applied on the natural nail. Once the mixture is applied, it hardens and forms a protective layer over the nail. This layer is sturdy and durable, allowing people to have long, strong nails without worrying about breakage.

What kind of monomer is used for acrylic nails?

There are several types of monomers available on the market, but the most commonly used for acrylic nails is the EMA (ethyl methacrylate ester) monomer. The EMA monomer is preferred for its low toxicity and low irritation compared to other types of monomers. In addition, it offers excellent adhesion and durability, which makes it the ideal option for acrylic nails.

Why use Monomer or Acrylic Liquid Home of Deva?

In a market saturated with nail products, choosing the right monomer is crucial for professional and lasting results. The Monomer or Acrylic Liquid Home of Deva Is an excellent option for several reasons:

  1. Premium Quality : Home of Deva is known for its high quality products, and its monomer is no exception. The specialized formula ensures optimal adhesion and greater durability of acrylic nails.

  2. Low smell : One of the most common problems with monomers is their strong smell. Home of Deva's monomer is known to have a less intense odor, making it more enjoyable to use.

  3. No Yellow Color : Sometimes the low-quality monomer can cause a yellow tint on acrylic nails over time. Home of Deva's monomer is resistant to yellowing, ensuring acrylic nails remain bright and clear.

  4. Quick Dry : Time is essential in the application of acrylic nails. The Home of Deva monomer dries quickly, allowing for a faster and more efficient application process.

  5. Compatible with most acrylic powders : Although it is advisable to use the monomer and acrylic powder of the same brand, the monomer from Home of Deva is compatible with most of the acrylic powders available on the market.

When using the Monomer or Acrylic Liquid Home of Deva , Acrylic nails will not only look more professional and durable, but also provide a more comfortable and pleasant experience for the manicurist and the customer.


Choosing the right monomer is an essential step in the process of applying acrylic nails. With its high quality, low odor, yellowing resistance, fast drying and compatibility with most acrylic powders, the Monomer or Acrylic Liquid Home of Deva Is an excellent option for those looking for professional and lasting results. It not only improves the appearance of acrylic nails, but also improves the experience of manicure for everyone involved.

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