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Ugly Duckling's hard, self-leveling builder gels are designed for effortless sculpting. Extra strong adhesion and superior durability. What more could you want?

  • 60 Second Cure Time - Clear*
  • 90-second cure time: Fufu, Pink, White, Fair-y Fufu, Natural Milky White, and Extreme White*

Please note: All cure times are based on products being cured in our Ugly Duckling LED Lamp.

CLEAR Gel It is transparent like glass without bubbles. Use it to place before your colors to avoid staining the natural nail, cover up your drawing, or create a full sculpture. Durable high gloss finish.

FAIR-Y DUST Gel is a thicker viscosity gel with a full coverage shade that is slightly softer than our traditional Fufu gel. Designed for extreme forms and competition nails. This gel will hold its shape without self-leveling, but it's easy enough to manipulate and create beautiful salon-style nails too!

DUST Gel is a camouflage gel. Create a beautifully enhanced free edge, hide any imperfections, or just enjoy color for the Frenchie, baby boomer, or full sculpt.

PINK Gel It is a smooth semi-transparent gel. Beautiful for French, faded or full sculptures.

NATURAL MILKY WHITE Gel is perfect for baby boomers and natural looking French.

WHITE Gel is perfect for doing Baby Boomer or French nails

EXTREME WHITE Gel is a thicker viscosity nail gel, rich in ultra white pigment and designed for extreme forms or competition nails. This gel will hold its shape without self-leveling, but it's also easy enough to work with and create beautiful salon-style nails!

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