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PREMIUM SCULPTING GEL - 60ml Squeeze Bottle

PREMIUM SCULPTING GEL - 60ml Squeeze Bottle

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The same great sculpting gel from Ugly Duckling Nails, now available in a convenient squeeze bottle!

Eliminate contamination and minimize clutter while you work

Storing the bottle with the spout down ensures you get every drop of product!

CLEAR Gel It is crystal clear and bubble free. Use it to place before your colors to avoid staining the natural nail, make perfect encapsulations or create a complete sculpture.

FUFU Gel It is a very covering gel. Create a beautifully enhanced free edge, hide any imperfections, or simply enjoy color for the perfect French nail, baby boomer, or full sculpt.

PINK Gel It is a soft pink semi-transparent gel. Beautiful for very fine finish french sculptured nails, baby boomer or just the whole nail.

Gel NATURAL It is a very very natural color. Normally it is enameled, it is made baby boomer or it is used for those clients with classic tastes

WHITE Gel It is a perfect white without impurities, the purest white you will find. You can do babyboomer or French nails

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